Wellbeing (Vitality, Longevity & Anti-Ageing) Program

The world of medicine is progressively changing, and the prevention of disease has become a very important component of patient care. You may not be experiencing any symptoms and your blood tests may be normal right now, but it does not necessarily mean you are healthy. The World Health Organization (WHO) indicates that only 5% of the world population is healthy, 75% have one of more sub-health conditions (imbalances or dysfunction) and 20% suffer from clinically evident medical conditions (diseases).

Most diseases do not arise overnight. They are always preceded by a breakdown of bodily functions (imbalances and dysfunction) which eventually build up. Once the body is unable to handle these stresses, this is when the disease manifests itself.

Our Wellbeing Program has been successful in prevention of disease, It involves Health Assessment to discover the missing pieces (dysfunction or imbalances) in your health and treat (corrective care) them long before they develop into diseases.

1. Health Assessment
2. Corrective Care

Once a health assessment has been completed, the practitioner will help you devise a personalized plan to address specific health deficits and improve overall wellbeing. These may include one of the following natural remedies alone or a combination of these:

  • Dietary, lifestyle advice
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Nutritional supplements
  • De-stress
  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese herbal medicine
  • Massage