Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is a sophisticated system of medical practice with over 2000 years of written history. It incorporates Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Manipulation and Remedial Massage, Diet and Exercise Therapy.


Holistic means treating the patient as a whole, rather than treating the symptoms out of context of the human being.
Chinese medicine is a natural effective therapy that focuses on improving the overall well being of the patient and therefore it is effectively used to:

  • strengthen the body’s resistance to illnesses, assist body’s own natural healing process (enhancing the patient’s own powers of recovery)
  • balance and regulate immune, nervous and endocrine systems
  • restore and strengthen the weak organs and systems, boost body energy
  • eliminate the deep-seated causes of diseases
  • improve and regulate Qi (vital energy) and blood circulation, remove stagnation or blockage and drain away excess pressure of the meridians, organs and tissues to achieve the treatment and prevention of pains, disorders and diseases.

Chinese medicine views each person as an individual, with their own unique experience of their illness. Treatment is primarily focused on the deep-seated cause of the disease. It is with this understanding that each treatment is tailored to suit the person’s needs.


The ability of Chinese medicine to promote the healthy function of the body means that it is often used as one of the effective forms of preventive medicine. TCM’s view is that many organic diseases, such as cardiac failure, diabetes and cancer do not arise overnight. They are always preceded by a breakdown in healthy function which has eventually led to the disease reaching the organic stage (an advanced stage of the disease). Chinese doctors, using traditional methods of diagnosis, can detect and treat disorders long before they develop into disease.